Enhanced Integration in Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Solutions Responds to Rising Energy Costs

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By Craig Resnick
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Schneider Electric announced multiple enhanced solutions to help increase building sustainability. Included in this announcement are new integration capabilities in EcoStruxure Building Operation 2023, EcoStruxure Connected Room Solutions, and EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert, all of which will help to simplify and speed-up access to data that is essential to better manage energy use, help reduce carbon emissions, and further enhance building value.

Responding to the global imperative to reduce energy use and carbon emissions

EcoStruxure SolutionsEcoStruxure Building solutions are designed to be more open and flexible, helping owners and facility managers to better respond to rising energy costs, as well as mandates for net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. New functionalities enable more seamless integration to deliver additional actionable insights and control of multiple building, power, electric vehicle charging, and renewable energy systems in a single, more convenient, mobile-enabled control center.

Simplified access and more integrations between systems and data

Schneider Electric integrates non-critical power within its building management system (BMS), and now its PowerLogic power meter and energy data is more accessible in EcoStruxure Building Operation.  Additionally, its electric vehicle (EV) EVlink Pro AC and EVlink Wallbox charging stations and EcoStruxure EV Charging Expert data can now be integrated with EcoStruxure Building Operation and EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert. This enables the charging stations to be monitored and controlled in a single view with building and power systems. This enables facility managers to better understand their onsite EV chargers’ energy consumption, how the building’s load demand and power quality are impacted, and limit or adjust power delivered to the charging stations, such as when the building is operating off-grid.

Access to more building data with reduced environmental impact

The newly released EcoStruxure Building Operation 2023 enables greater access to large volumes of building data, helping to make global enterprise and large-scale site expansions easier and more flexible. This release also introduces EcoStruxure Edge Server, a stand-alone “containerized” version of BMS software, which can often help to avoid the need and expense for hardware, such as controllers, and their associated scope 3 embodied carbon. The Edge Server for Building Operation can often be deployed faster than traditional BMS installations and be a more resilient and secure option available for buildings with modern application hosting infrastructures, which are becomming increasingly common due to their power and resource efficiency.

Increased functionality to reduce carbon and reduce energy waste

Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure Connected Rooms Solutions have been enhanced with new extension products for room ventilation system insight and control. The new SpaceLogic RP-V for variable air volume (VAV) controller works with the SpaceLogic Insight-Sensor and EcoStruxure Building Operation to more precisely control room environments based on anonymous real-time people count occupancy information so energy is used only where and when it’s needed. Connected Room Solutions have been demonstrated to provide energy savings, and associated operational carbon savings, of up to 23 percent through controlling HVAC and lighting based on occupancy.

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