Enhanced Strategy with New Hybrid Cloud Manufacturing Execution System Launched by AVEVA

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ByCraig Resnick
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AVEVA announced that it has expanded CONNECT, its industrial intelligence platform with data and visualization services for hybrid Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solutions.

Hybrid Cloud Manufacturing Execution System

AVEVA’s new hybrid MES solution helps to enable manufacturing companies to manage production data in the cloud, to help improve supply chain agility with enterprise-wide visibility into distributed plant operations. This helps to enable companies to better optimize their operational performance and sustainability with new insights and guidance provided by advanced analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and data visualization.

With data siloed in each of their plants, companies can lack the visibility and information flow they need to more effectively drive operational efficiency, sustainability, and agility improvements across their manufacturing network. AVEVA helps to enable enterprises to store, contextualize and enrich production execution data from their plants in the cloud, by leveraging  ML, AI, and visualization that spans their value-chain and business ecosystem.

AVEVA’s hybrid MES solution combines model-driven MES capabilities at the edge with cloud-based data, analytics, and visualization services available on the CONNECT industrial intelligence platform. The ability to collect and more securely store data from AVEVA's Manufacturing Execution System and process data sources, such as AVEVA PI System and AVEVA’s Operations Control, in a single, more secure location in the cloud, makes it easier to aggregate, contextualize and securely share operational data, eliminate organizational data silos, and help foster greater collaboration. This can help to add new value from the combined data sets for more optimal centerlining of production equipment, soft sensors, and predictions that help to improve quality, throughput, and energy use, as well as anomaly detection that provides earlier insight into production losses before they occur.

AVEVA’s hybrid MES solution provides ready-to-use cloud services, so companies can more quickly start visualizing and analyzing manufacturing execution data. Operational data stored in the cloud can more seamlessly link to AI and ML services and third-party visualization, and analytics tools. With faster and easier access to data in a collaborative environment, operational teams and data scientists can discover more insights from critical data and find new ways to advance operational excellence and sustainability.

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