With FactoryTalk Design Hub, Rockwell Automation Speeds Time to Market for New Industrial Automation Design

By Craig Resnick

Company and Product News

Rockwell Automation announced the launch of its FactoryTalk Design Hub solution, developed to help industrial organizations transform their industrial automation design capabilities with a more simplified, Industrial Automation Designproductive way to work powered by the cloud. Teams benefit through enhanced collaboration, improved lifecycle management, and on-demand access to cloud-based software. The result is increased design productivity, faster time to market, and systems that cost less to build and deploy.  FactoryTalk Design Hub helps to improve the development and deployment of automation projects for industrial organizations, while adhering to the latest security standards and information technology (IT) best practices. It enables teams to access designs on demand from any web browser with software that is always up to date and its flexibly helps users to scale its compute capacity to meet project workload demands.

FactoryTalk Design Hub includes five core solutions:

FactoryTalk Design Studio

FactoryTalk Design Studio is a new cloud-native software product built to improve system design efficiency. Available anytime using a web browser, there are no downloads or installs required and no software maintenance responsibility. Beginning with controller design, FactoryTalk Design Studio helps to reduce development time by leveraging modern software development practices and an integrated version control system. Teams can collaborate more easily with automated tools to share and merge changes, and project sizes can scale dynamically with support for multiple controllers in a single project. 

FactoryTalk Optix Software

FactoryTalk Optix is a new product addition to the Rockwell Automation visualization portfolio. FactoryTalk Optix is the first cloud-enabled HMI product to be launched within the FactoryTalk Design Hub. With FactoryTalk Optix Studio, users can design, test and deploy applications directly from a web browser. Optional cloud-based connectivity enables new collaborative workflows that allow modifications to be made from any location,. FactoryTalk Optix is designed to help improve processes, efficiency, and deliverables using a scalable, modern platform.

FactoryTalk Twin Studio

FactoryTalk Twin Studio is an end-to-end automation design solution where users can design, program, simulate, emulate, and virtually commission in one cloud environment. The cloud-hosted ecosystem employs Rockwell Automation’s software products and is accessible from any location using a web browser. FactoryTalk Twin Studio allows users to develop their next project better and faster by moving more seamlessly across Rockwell Automation design solutions, collaborating with teammates in real time.

FactoryTalk Vault

FactoryTalk Vault provides more secure, cloud-native centralized storage for manufacturing design teams. With its modern version and access control, FactoryTalk Vault with advanced Design Tools allows for greater insights into designs through in-depth analysis of controller projects. Teams can now spend more time working on projects and less time searching for files or working from outdated versions.

FactoryTalk Remote Access Solution

FactoryTalk Remote Access enables secure connections to equipment, allowing teams to respond to needs faster and rapidly resolve production issues from any location. FactoryTalk Remote Access connects domain experts to critical issues, regardless of the physical location of either, increasing support response time and reducing the costs associated with travel and asset downtime.

FactoryTalk Design Hub and its core components will all be generally available by the beginning of 2023.

Craig Resnick, ARC Advisory Group, commented, “The digital transformation of automation design capabilities requires the cloud to maximize control system developers’ productivity as well as  that all software tools are connected to each other by a digital thread to maximize collaboration, scalability, and productivity. Rockwell Automation’s FactoryTalk Design Hub helps to enable seamless digital thread connectivity between its design, visualization, digital twin, storage, and remote access software tools that provide control system developers with immediate on-demand access to all automation designs as needed regardless of their location, helping these companies to accelerate their initiatives ranging from digital transformation to IT/OT convergence.”

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