Fiix by Rockwell Automation Announces Its First AI Predictive Maintenance Software

Author photo: Craig Resnick
By Craig Resnick
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Rockwell Automation launched a new artificial intelligence (AI) predictive maintenance product, Asset Risk Predictor, from Fiix, the company's cloud-based computer mantenance management system (CMMS) business.

Asset Risk Predictor (ARP) is the newest product to hit the market under the Fiix by Rockwell Automation name. This second offering from Fiix uses AI sensor data, machine recipe, and operational environments to predict asset health, which helps users to spot and eliminate failures before they happen. The tool is capable of learning the signs of equipment failure in what has been reported to be as little as seven days, predicting breakdowns by sometimes up to days in advance, and is built so users can act on the insights in a very brief period of time.

Showing users the daily risk level for each asset they monitor can often help them to expect fewer breakdowns and spend less time setting up manual inspections. Other benefits include lower spending on resources and on unnecessary maintenance, which results in increased production time and removes some of the guesswork from traditional predictive maintenance.

Asset Risk Predictor can be purchased and used independently from a Fiix CMMS or can be integrated into the CMMS. When Asset Risk Predictors are connected to the CMMS, users can react to potential failure faster by automatically creating work orders in their CMMS. 

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