Fuel Insight Benchmarking from GE Digital Aimed at Maximizing Reduction of Fuel Use and Carbon Emissions

Author photo: Craig Resnick
By Craig Resnick
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GE Digital announced its Fuel Insight Benchmarking program designed to help operators better understand how to maximize fuel use and reduce carbon emissions. Current Fuel Insight customers can save an average of up to a half ton of CO2 per flight.

Part of the Fuel Insight digital suite, which includes the Fuel Essential and Fuel Mainline software packages, the benchmarking will leverage proprietary analytics algorithms to monitor fuel efficiency and deliver data-driven insights to better identify and implement sustainable fuel efficiency initiatives. Fuel Insight helps airlines take fuel efficiency and sustainability further by helping to prioritize efforts around initiatives that offer the highest attainable savings potential. Using industry benchmarks and advanced analytics, the software helps to uncover efficiency opportunities so operators can better identify ways to save and track the rates of procedure adoption across their fleet with greater speed and accuracy.

The Fuel Insight Benchmarking program provides a set of opt-in dashboards that allow operators to better understand how their performance compares to other operators. Initially, the program will roll out for common fuel savings procedures, such as single engine taxi and idle reverse thrust.

Data will be combined, aggregated, and deidentified using methodologies designed to help prevent an individual operator’s data from being exposed. The data will be delivered to all customers that opt-in as a dashboard. As GE Digital adds more airlines to this program, a greater fidelity of data will be delivered. Through this data, airlines will be better able to understand their operations in relation to their industry peers so that they better know what best in class looks like around the world. This program allows for an immediate impact for airline sustainability programs, with fuel savings procedures that can be done today.


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