GE Aviation’s New Wellness Trace App Implemented at Albany International Airport

Author photo: Craig Resnick
By Craig Resnick
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Albany International Airport (ALB) in collaboration with General Electric (GE), have launched ALB as a digitally-focused airport aimed at demonstrating new technologies to help make air travel safer in a post-pandemic world.  Highlighting the announcement is the Airport signing on as a launch customer for GE Aviation’s new Wellness Trace App, which the Airport has been using to track COVID-19 cleaning protocols.  In the coming weeks, the Airport and GE will deploy additional artificial intelligence, machine learning and other digital technologies as part of this rapidly growing demand for solutions to make air travel safer.

Wellness Trace App

GE Aviation launched its commercial Wellness Trace App offering in late June 2020, and it provides a platform for airports and airlines to track COVID-19 screening for both passengers and employees and set protocols for tracking the cleaning of objects in the airport or aboard aircraft to help ensure they are regularly disinfected.

The app will offer the public the ability to provide real time feedback regarding the cleanliness of their travel experience.  For example, if travelers needs to stop at a rest area on their way to the airport, they can check Wellness Trace to help find a clean one.  If travelers need to grab a meal near the airport, they can check Wellness Trace to help find the cleanest restaurants nearby.  While in the airport, travelers can have additional confidence knowing the environment around them is more transparent and they can access cleaning information with a scan from their mobile phone camera.

ALB initiated a three-month trial, during which its operations staff will use Wellness Trace to track cleaning and sanitation protocols for key areas and objects around the Airport.  More than 45 QR barcode stickers have been placed in areas and on objects throughout the Airport.  Using the Wellness Trace App from a mobile phone or tablet, operations staff will be able to validate the cleaning of objects by scanning each QR barcode.

Passengers will be able to scan the QR barcode stickers with their mobile device and receive a status update for when a given object or area was last cleaned.


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