GE Digital Combines Performance Intelligence with APM Reliability to Achieve Optimum Plant Performance

By Craig Resnick

Company and Product News

GE Digital announced a new software solution combining Performance Intelligence with APM Reliability that is designed to form a performance advisory solution combining real-time thermal performance data and analysis software with analytics for Performance Intelligence with APMstrategic and data-driven decision making.  Integrating the two together provides a more flexible, easier to use problem-solving solution to help maintain a thermal power generation plant or fleet at a more optimal efficiency.

Performance Intelligence integrates with APM Reliability to help plant personnel gain greater visibility to equipment health, assess and identify degradation and reliability issues, better understand the impact to plant capability and financial performance, and empower teams to act with greater speed and efficiency.

The solution incorporates over 340 GE and non-GE Digital Twin Blueprints from SmartSignal predictive analytics software, which is the analytics engine behind GE Digital’s Predictive Maintenance solutions. Combined with Performance Intelligence with APM Reliability, the solution is designed to better enable fuel savings, productivity, and risk reduction.

Performance Intelligence with APM Reliability is designed to help deliver a more holistic problem-solving solution to maintain a plant at the most optimal efficiency with:

  • Advanced thermal modeling across the entire load range with actionable recommendations
  • Analytics covering the full operating range of assets with actionable recommendations
  • Fully integrated data streams into the work management process
  • New analytics for economic predictions and “what-if” simulations

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