GE Digital’s Partnership with TrendMiner Empowers Industries with Advanced Process Analytics

By Craig Resnick

Acquisition or Partnership

GE Digital announced a strategic partnership with TrendMiner Software AG Company, incorporating advanced process analytics with its Asset Performance Management (APM) portfolio. The goal of this strategic Advanced Process Analyticspartnership is to provide customers in industries, such as oil and gas, metals, mining, and petrochemicals, the ability to optimize assets and processes from plant-level operations through to the enterprise.

TrendMiner is a self-service process analytics application providing intuitive visualization of large amounts of sensor-generated time-series and contextualized data. The solution is available based on customer requirements as either on-premise or cloud. It enables process optimization through advanced functionality for process monitoring, troubleshooting, and embedded problem solving-capabilities. This self-service approach to process analytics helps to enable engineers and operators to more easily search for trends, analyze, and get the needed insights more quickly to avoid production loss and boost overall production performance.

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