GIS Data Capture Simplified by New Trimble TerraFlex Software Edition

Author photo: Ralph Rio
By Ralph Rio
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Trimble announced the release of Trimble TerraFlex Premium edition, a new tier of GIS Data Capture of Trimble’s flagship Geographic Information System (GIS) data collection software. The edition provides customers with offline GNSS GIS Data Capturecorrections, a new automated workflow that works exclusively with Trimble GNSS receivers—including the Trimble DA2 receiver for the Trimble Catalyst positioning service—to provide high-accuracy GIS data capture in a wider range of locations and difficult GNSS environments than was previously possible.

TerraFlex users can increase the quality and speed of their data collection using offline GNSS corrections in situations where real-time services are intermittent or unavailable. Using the new service, all data from the field is automatically processed in the cloud without user intervention, and the most accurate real-time or offline processed position is stored for each feature, unlocking a high-productivity enhancement for all TerraFlex Premium subscribers. 

Combining data collection software and offline GNSS corrections into a single TerraFlex subscription simplifies both the workflow and the purchasing process for GIS organizations, from state and local governments to enterprise customers including federal governments and utilities companies. This workflow to collect, process and deliver the most accurate and reliable positioning information reduces complicated manual processing steps and helps preserve the integrity of the data. 

Streamlined post-processing using TerraFlex offline GNSS corrections is also available to Esri ArcGIS users, with the new Trimble Terra Office add-in for the Esri ArcMap GIS application. The new add-in replaces both the Trimble Positions Desktop and Trimble TerraFlex Desktop add-ins and supports offline GNSS corrections as well as existing desktop post-processing workflows. Terra Office is available as a yearly subscription.

Trimble TerraFlex Premium edition subscription is available today through Trimble Geospatial Distribution Partners. 

The TerraFlex offline GNSS corrections service utilizes a network of community base stations, and is broadly available in North America, UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.  

The Trimble Terra Office add-in for Esri ArcMap software is available through Trimble Geospatial Distribution 

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