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GlobalLogic, a Hitachi group company, has announced a first-of-its-kind Platform-of-Platforms architecture designed to support deployment of enterprise-grade AI. GlobalLogic has designed the architecture to address the critical challenges every enterprise must overcome when operationalizing AI and generative AI (GenAI) at scale.

Enterprise-Grade AI

To realize the potential that AI promises, enterprises must address data privacy and security requirements, prevent intellectual property (IP) leakage and manage legal risks. They also need to identify an approach that allows for technical agility as new models, platforms and other innovations take shape. At the same time, leaders must manage organizational change and find effective strategies for controlling costs and driving return on AI/GenAI investments.

Created in partnership with leading hyperscalers and leveraging their foundational GenAI capabilities, GlobalLogic’s architecture unifies and industrializes enterprise-grade AI and GenAI solutions.

GlobalLogic’s AI Platform-of-Platforms architecture addresses critical needs related to observability, security, governance and consumption. It makes it possible to integrate best-of-breed models, algorithms and solutions whether deployed in the cloud or on premises. It also includes accelerators for rapidly deploying some of the most sought-after use cases, including customer support and operations, software development and legacy migration, and enterprise knowledge management.

Colin Masson, ARC Advisory Group says, "As industrial organizations grapple with the additional complexity of infusing AI into their enterprise and ‘spaghetti’ industrial architectures, we’re likely to hear a lot more about systems of systems and platform of platforms thinking. The Platform-of-Platforms approach of Hitachi Group company, GlobalLogic, is a prime example of this trend. This approach not only addresses the data quality and security challenges needed for industrial grade data fabrics for AI, but also acknowledges that GenAI is just one of the tools in the Industrial AI toolbox. By unifying and industrializing enterprise-grade AI solutions, GlobalLogic’s architecture provides a robust and scalable framework for operationalizing AI and GenAI at scale, while ensuring responsibility, reliability, and reusability. This holistic approach is set to play a pivotal role in the future of Industrial AI."



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