Hardware and Software as a Service Solution for OT and IoT Security  from Nozomi Networks

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BySid Snitkin
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Nozomi Networks, Inc. has innovated the way industrial and ICS cybersecurity solutions are adopted. With the introduction of OnePass, the completely integrated hardware and software as a service model for OT and OT and IoT SecurityIoT security, customers can purchase and deploy solutions that meet them where they are today, with the flexibility to evolve with ever changing needs tomorrow.  

Nozomi OnePass offers a single subscription to all Nozomi Networks solutions, including hardware, software (including add-on subscriptions).

  • OnePass helps efficiently accelerate digital transformation projects and fast tracks security service implementations. It provides scalability and speeds time to value for delivering OT/IOT security at scale.
  • OnePass provides the flexibility to shift costs from OT/IoT capital expenditure (capex) investment to a more-consistent pay-as-you-go operating expenditure (opex) funding mechanism. This normalizes OT/IoT security spend over time, making budgeting more predictable while avoiding the accrual of technical debt.
  • OnePass’s full-service delivery model reduces the demand on organizations to develop or hire OT-centric cybersecurity personnel before deploying a security solution. This shift away from internal skill sets affords decision makers the opportunity to rethink workforce plans and create paths for upskilling staff wherever feasible.

OnePass takes the planning and the risk out of the hardware design and eliminates the need to worry about hardware maintenance, asset management, and replacement expenses. At the time of quote, customers receive a hardware allocation to cover the scale and complexity of their environment, which can later be used to order specific hardware appliances as deployment requirements are better understood. 

A key component of OnePass is a new Hardware as a Service delivery model for Guardian appliances that are deployed on premises. It complements Vantage, Nozomi Networks’ existing Software as a Service model for cloud-based monitoring and control of OT and IoT security. Both can be bundled with optional subscriptions for asset and threat intelligence services. 

Nozomi OnePass is an optional purchasing model for current and new Nozomi Networks customers. It is available now from Nozomi Networks and our extensive global network of channel partners 

Sid Snitkin, ARC Advisory Group, commented, “Visibility is essential for defending facilities against today’s challenging cyber environment. Security teams can’t wait for drawn out capex evaluations to gain the insight they need to defend their operations. ARC applauds Nozomi Networks for offering OnePass as a means to simplify investment decisions and accelerate protection of critical infrastructure.”


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