Hargrove and Aspen Technology Partner to Deliver Digital Twin Services

Acquisition or Partnership

Hargrove, a full-service EPC, automation, life sciences and technical services firm, and Aspen Technology, Inc., a global player in asset optimization software, announced that they will partner to deliver engineering services for a “Digital Twin” to better manage the operations and maintenance phase of a plant’s lifecycle.  Hargrove will provide digital twin services that will rely on key technology and domain expertise from Aspen Technology. 

The digital twin represents a virtualized copy of the historical, current and future behavior of the physical plant asset and the physical and chemical processes occurring within that plant.  Customers can realize increased throughput and quality, lower operating costs and increased equipment uptime.

Hargrove will license aspenONE Asset Performance Management (APM), aspenONE Engineering and aspenONE Manufacturing and Supply Chain software suites to help create, deliver and maintain the digital twin and to assist its customers in leveraging the twin to improve operations. xamples of services offered will include equipment analysis and troubleshooting, optimizing real-time process controls, and predictive maintenance.

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