Head-Worn, Hands-Free Mobile Connectivity by Universal mCloud Augments Oil & Gas Workers

By Ralph Rio

Company and Product News

Universal mCloud Corp. unveiled plans to connect oil and gas field workers with real-time access to digital work assistance capabilities using the company’s AssetCare platform to offer head-worn, hands-free mobile connectivity with smart glasses.

Originally developed to support field workers and maintainers in mCloud’s smart buildings and wind segments, the company expects to deliver similar capabilities within its recently announced entry into oil and gas through its newly-signed three-year global licensing agreement for AssetCare solutions with Fulcrum Automation Technologies.  

As delivered on smart glasses, mCloud’s AssetCare platform enables workers in the field to get access to the right information at the right time combining the features of an AI-powered digital assistant with advanced 3D and mixed reality.  Real-time digital work instructions enable workers to get guidance and verification as they work through complex procedures, ensuring they get jobs done right the first time.  Smart work order management capabilities ensure workers focus on those field assets in most urgent need of attention.

In addition, remote assistance, provided through mCloud’s strategic arrangement with Agnity Global, enables workers in the field to virtually collaborate with experts in the corporate back-office through a secure, enterprise-grade video and audio link.

The Company’s roll-out of these capabilities includes hardware partners, such as RealWear, who supply mCloud with access to its HMT-1 industrial head-worn display.

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