Hexagon’s HxGN LIVE Global 2022 Conference in Las Vegas Is Scene of Multiple Product Announcements

By Ralph Rio

Company and Product News

Hexagon used its HxGN LIVE Global 2022 Conference to announce Leica BLK360, which dramatically advances reality capture, and Nexus, an open platform for smart manufacturing

Hexagon disrupts reality capture once again with its next-generation, ultra-fast Leica BLK360 laser scanner 

Hexagon AB announced the introduction of the all-new, next-generation Leica BLK360, which dramatically advances reality capture by delivering two of the most sought-after necessities: speed and efficiency. 

open platform for smart manufacturingDrawing on the success and innovative features of the Leica BLK series, the new BLK360 creates stunning, photorealistic, accurate digital twins within just 20 seconds. Like its predecessor, the new BLK360 encourages new users to introduce reality capture to new industries and markets due to its speed, portability, and ease of use. 

Today’s projects demand fast, accurate, real-time data collection. The new BLK360 is an ideal sensor for any application requiring fast, up-to-date scanning, such as digital construction and building lifecycle monitoring. It enables users to move quickly about any environment without interruption, viewing and sharing the data during the capture process to provide real-time access to updated digital twins. 

The BLK360 accelerates Hexagon’s portfolio of sensor-software systems, which form the basis for creating Smart Digital Realities by fusing the digital and physical worlds, in real-time. Combined, the new scanning and imaging technologies onboard the BLK360 enable extremely fast and highly accurate reality capture workflows, speeding up every step of the process. Depending on project scope and size, a BLK360 user could save days or weeks of precious time with rapid scanning, pre-registered data, and high-speed transfer to preferred software workflows. BLK360 data can be automatically uploaded to HxDR, Hexagon’s cloud-based reality capture platform where users can build their own Smart Digital Realities. 

The BLK360 is now available for demonstration and purchase through www.BLK360.com



Hexagon announces Nexus, a platform to connect siloed engineering and unlock smart manufacturing innovation 

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has announced an open platform for smart manufacturing, Nexus, which will revolutionize how technology professionals collaborate and innovate. 

Nexus will enable real time data sharing between different design, simulation and production applications. It will connect different applications to form workflows and combine technologies to develop unique solutions to engineering and manufacturing problems, from concept to delivery. It will help empower cross-functional teams to leverage fragmented digital data by improving visibility and connectivity, and help them gain unprecedented insight, bring their ideas to life faster, and produce higher quality results.  

Nexus is the foundation for Hexagon’s new solution offerings in the smart manufacturing space going forward. It is capable of leveraging Hexagon data sources from across the portfolio; connecting hundreds of Hexagon design and engineering, production and metrology software tools and unlocking new insights from metrology devices and connected machines. Additionally, first-in-class cloud-native visualizations and data management solutions, such as HxGN Metrology Reporting and MaterialCenter, have been built as cloud-native connected applications, and will be connected through Nexus.  

Hexagon is also developing purpose-built solutions through the platform that combine multiple technologies to help users to improve productivity and digitally optimize complex processes and workflows. One example is a “ready-to-go” workflow for 3D printing an optimized reverse-engineered part that could be used, for example, to streamline the repair of grounded aircraft components. This workflow connects data from a 3D laser scan to Hexagon products, such as RECreate, MSC Apex Generative Design, MaterialCenter, and Simufact Additive, as well as connecting to a third-party application called CADS Additive to significantly improve productivity and enable rapid collaboration to address production issues.   


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