Huawei OpenLab and Industrial Internet Consortium Join Forces to Establish Ecosystem Lab

By Chantal Polsonetti

Acquisition or Partnership

Huawei and the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) unveiled the IIC-Huawei Ecosystem OpenLab, announcing that through deep cooperation, both parties will promote the development of an industrial Internet ecosystem.

IIC is a world-leading industrial Internet organization that is dedicated to helping achieve digital transformation through the promotion of an industrial Internet. IIC's testbed program is one effective method to construct an industrial ecosystem. Huawei and IIC have common targets and interest points in the industrial Internet domain. Both parties plan to establish industry labs (first in Huawei Suzhou) and establish testbeds that are based on a Smart City Ecosystem Lab and an Urban Railway Ecosystem Lab to begin cooperation in the smart city and transportation domains. After that, they plan to move on to energy, manufacturing, and other industries, conducting replication and promotion with OpenLabs around the world and promoting the development of an industrial Internet ecosystem.

Based on Huawei Enterprise BG's 'Platform + Ecosystem' strategy, Huawei has set out its global OpenLab plan. The strategy's core is based on R&D innovation with partners and customers, differentiation, and leading industrial solutions to create an open, flexible, secure, and agile platform to drive digital transformation.

Huawei has already opened 7 OpenLabs focused on enterprise customers as of the end of June this year. They are in Suzhou, Munich, Mexico, Singapore, Dubai, Johannesburg, and Bangkok. The plan includes investing 200 million USD in the next three years so that by the end of 2019 the number of enterprise customer-oriented OpenLabs around the world reaches 20.

Keywords: Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), Smart City, Energy, Manufacturing, Industrial Internet Ecosystem, ARC Advisory Group.


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