Hybrid Cloud Experience and Powerful Edge Compute Delivered by Advantech, Red Hat Collaboration

Author photo: Chantal Polsonetti
By Chantal Polsonetti
Acquisition or Partnership

Advantech, a leading provider of industrial Internet of Things (IoT) hardware and automation technology, announced a collaboration with Red Hat, a leading provider of open-source solutions, that will enable equipment Hybrid Cloud Experiencemanufacturers, systems integrators and enterprise IT teams to drive continuous innovation and accelerate digital transformation. The collaboration brings together the benefits of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and hardware solutions with Advantech certified industrial computers. Collaborative efforts focus on helping customers simplify digital transformation processes across networks, from the data center to the cloud and the edge.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux supports rapid digital transformation of operations with built-in edge security capabilities and added features designed for complex enterprise needs. Benefits of Red Hat Enterprise Linux include ease of customization through Image Builder, which allows for faster building and maintenance of images, zero-touch provisioning, robust edge management capabilities, intelligent rollbacks, remote update mirroring and over-the-air updates for less downtime and increased efficiency.

Advantech’s industrial computer solutions support edge workloads with complex security and operational demands. The collaboration aims to extend the development of Advantech’s certified hardware solutions on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The full solution delivers enhanced interoperability and continuous support on the latest version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux so customers can realize Red Hat benefits without hardware compatibility concerns.

Advantech’s UNO-148, a high-performance DIN-rail controller powered by an 11th gen Intel Core processor, was the first to be certified on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. With its modular design, the UNO-148 is easy to customize and deploy. The controller offers storage and connectivity flexibility, including Wi-Fi and cellular. The UNO-148 also supports Time-Sensitive Network (TSN) technology for time-synchronized applications.

Advantech and Red Hat continue to drive future strategic offerings with an extensive, collaborative roadmap of certified devices. Additional Advantech gateways, edge controllers and AI systems undergoing Red Hat Enterprise Linux certification include the following:

  • ECU-150 i.MX8M-based high-performance IoT gateway
  • UNO-410 and UNO-430 EXP ruggedized, C1D2-certified systems
  • MIC-711-ON and MIC-733-AO NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano AI systems
  • UNO-137 and UNO-2271G-V2 scalable Intel-based embedded systems and edge IoT gateways

The ECU-150 will be one of the first ARM-based edge devices to receive Red Hat Enterprise Linux certification. The collaboration will continue to grow in order to deliver capabilities and simplicity to both Advantech and Red Hat customers.

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