If You're looking to Maximize Your Cybersecurity Budget Register for This Bayshore Networks Webinar with ARC and aDolus

By Larry O'Brien

Technology Trends

I will be joining a webinar and panel discussion next Wednesday hosted by AutomaTech that will also feature Dr. Vincent Turmel, VP of Technical Operations for cybersecurity supplier Bayshore Networks and Eric Byers, CEO of aDolus where we will discuss cybersecurity budgetary planning and spending, with the primary driver being COVID-19 and its accompanying increase in cyber threats and risk.

Cybersecurity Solutions, Lifecycle Costs, and Budgets

While cybersecurity stakes are getting higher and higher, overall CAPEX budgets for many major companies are shrinking, and that's a problem if you're concerned about cybersecurity. But it isn't all bad. There are solutions that don't cost a fortune or require you to hire an army of cybersecurity experts (provided you can find them or train them up fast). Given the dwindling human capital in manufacturing and critical infrastructure, whatever solution you purchase will have to mean less work for those that responsible for it.  We'll be talking about this and more on the webinar.  

You can register for the webinar here

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