The Industrial Internet Consortium and Wi-SUN Alliance Announce Liaison

By Chantal Polsonetti

Acquisition or Partnership

The Industrial Internet Consortium7 (IIC), now incorporating OpenFog, and the Wi-SUN Alliance announced they have agreed to work together to advance their shared interests.  Under the agreement, the IIC and the Wi-SUN Alliance will work together to align efforts to maximize interoperability, portability, security and privacy for the industrial Internet.

Joint activities between the IIC and the Wi-SUN Alliance will include:

  • Realizing and sharing good practices;
  • Realizing interoperability by harmonizing architecture and other elements;
  • Collaborating on standardization;
  • Collaborating on creation and distribution of mutually beneficial marketing work products

The IIC Liaison Working Group is the gateway for formal relationships with standards and open-source organizations, consortia, alliances, certification and testing bodies and government entities/agencies.  The agreement with the Wi-SUN Alliance is one of a number of agreements made by the IIC’s Liaison Working Group. 

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