Industry IoT Consortium Updates IINF with New Guidance on Deploying Satellite Communications

Author photo: Chantal Polsonetti
By Chantal Polsonetti
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The Industry IoT Consortium published an update to its Industrial Internet Networking Foundation (IINF), a guide to help IIoT application developers design, deploy, and operate successful networking solutions. The framework guides technologies Deploying Satellite Communicationsat the Internet Protocol (IP) and lower layers and related capabilities, such as management and security. It underpins digital transformation across industries.

This latest update to the IINF includes new guidance on deploying satellite communications technologies in place of terrestrial networks, which can be technically and economically unfeasible. Today, developers can deploy satellites to connect IIoT devices spread over vast areas or for connectivity in remote, underpopulated land areas or over the seas and oceans.

Wide coverage on a regional and continental scale are the main advantage of satellites over terrestrial networks. Satellite technology can support IIoT devices as a direct radio access network and can also serve as a backhaul technology for wireless or wired networks at any altitude.

The Industrial Internet Networking Framework (IINF) is available on the IIC website.

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