Infosys Launches Reskill and Restart, a Solution to Reskill the American Workforce

By Ralph Rio

Acquisition or Partnership

Infosys announced a consortium in partnership with pymetrics – a provider of fair talent matching – that brings together training partners Merit America, Per Scholas, Revature, and Woz Enterprise.  The consortium will leverage Infosys Wingspan and pymetrics’ AI-based talent-matching platform to meet the reskilling and employment needs raised by the COVID-19 crisis in America.

Reskill and Restart—powered by Infosys Wingspan—takes job seekers on a guided journey, beginning with aptitude and skills assessment, followed by curated job-specific skills training, and culminating in matching them with available positions.  The consortium of partners has built new pathways for talent to transition from traditional jobs across various industries and workstreams to digital and operations jobs of the future.

It also enables employers who are scaling up to review the available talent pool for the right match and hire them while they undergo rapid and job-specific reskilling on this integrated multi-stakeholder platform.

Infosys’ Wingspan platform will leverage the pymetrics AI-based talent-matching platform, which delivers native aptitude assessment and skills gap analysis via Burning Glass, as well as the training material from the consortium partners, alongside Infosys’ own digital programs and courses to provide a comprehensive experience for job seekers.  The courses provided will allow COVID-19 impacted job seekers to find and gain skills that are in demand in today’s job market.  The platform will also allow American companies, in any industry, to find and hire talent as well as explore reskilling opportunities for their current workforce.

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