Insights from Industry Leaders on AI-driven Improvements in Emissions Monitoring and Leak Detection

Author photo: Peter Manos
ByPeter Manos

In a recent episode of our podcast, Peter Manos, Director of Research at ARC Advisory Group, discussed emissions monitoring and leak detection solutions with industry experts Krishna Uppuluri (VP/GM at mPACT2WO) and Chip Hilarides VP of Quality and Stewardship from Flint Hills Resources. 



The discussion offers a deep dive into the transformative power of AI-driven technologies for refineries and the petrochemical industry, showcasing successful case studies and offering insights for companies aiming to enhance their operational efficiency and environmental stewardship.

Krishna Uppuluri emphasized the significance of operator adoption and transformation in achieving tangible results in emissions monitoring. Continuing he stated, Molex's success was rooted in a holistic approach that fostered strong partnerships across customers, regulatory bodies, and communities, ensuring the solutions were not just technologically advanced but also widely accepted and effectively implemented.

Chip Hilarides shared Flint Hills Resources' journey towards innovating leak detection, spotlighting the pivotal role of partnerships with Molex and the US EPA. By focusing on delivering actionable information to operators, Flint Hills managed to enhance process safety and reduce fugitive emissions, demonstrating the replicability of their success for others in the industry.

The conversation underscored the necessity of a long-term, stewardship-focused perspective over short-term, reactive measures, including a long-term approach based on holistic designs and expert-driven capabilities that extend compliance and encourage industries to adopt solutions that prioritize what truly matters for operational and environmental excellence and better stewardship.

The episode concluded with a discussion on improving transparency and fostering open dialogue about emissions and leaks. Both Pillai and Halbert stressed the importance of being proactive and community-oriented, highlighting how early leak detection and advanced continuous monitoring not only ensure safety but also strengthen the bond with the communities they serve.

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