Intel Introducing the OpenVINO Toolkit to Help Accelerate CV Development across Intel Platforms

By Ralph Rio

Company and Product News

To help developers take advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT) trends, Intel is introducing the OpenVINO (Open Visual Inference & Neural network Optimization) toolkit, the latest offering in the lineup of Intel Vision Products that help accelerate deep learning and transform vision data into business insights.  The OpenVINO toolkit, in combination with Intel’s portfolio of hardware and software, drives deep learning at the edge and positions Intel as a leader in enabling IoT solutions from the edge to the cloud.

The OpenVINO toolkit is designed to enable users to fast-track development of high-performance computer vision applications, unleash deep learning inference capabilities across the entire Intel silicon portfolio, and provide an unparalleled solution to meet their AI needs.  The new toolkit also includes three major APIs: The Deep Learning Deployment toolkit, a common deep learning inference toolkit that scales across Intel Vision Products, and optimized functions for OpenCV and OpenVX.  With the addition of the OpenVINO toolkit to the Intel Vision Product portfolio, Intel provides a vision solution currently available with the capability to distribute AI solutions from the edge to the network to the cloud across a diverse set of products.  Because OpenVINO is compatible with AI frameworks, developers can seamlessly and effortlessly deploy their applications at the edge.


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