Introduction of AVEVA Teamwork Helps Empower Industrial Connected Workers to Share Knowledge

By Craig Resnick

Company and Product News

AVEVA announced the launch of its new AVEVA Teamwork, a fully integrated cloud-based application built specifically for industrial workers to help facilitate continuous learning and improvement.  It is designed to connect plant workforces with core digital systems and help unlock visibility into operations.  Ranging from training videos, digital logbooks or answering a call for help, AVEVA Teamwork can help to solve many of the challenges associated with traditional training and knowledge transfer methods that can consume significant time to get frontline workers up to speed on the essential skills needed to run today’s complex industrial operations.

AVEVA has partnered with Poka, a comprehensive connected worker platform, to bring the AVEVA Teamwork application to market.  It will offer the connected worker a more integrated experience within the larger AVEVA Connect cloud platform.

AVEVA Teamwork is designed to help empower industrial organizational workers to learn, solve problems and share knowledge from their daily routines.  It combines digital content, skills management, and communication features into a single, worker-centric application to support the specific requirements of the plant floor.  The result is a continuously updated knowledge base of best practices and training content, automatically shared with the workers who require them, across shifts and global operations.

With the AVEVA Teamwork application, plant workers will be able to use tablets to scan QR codes strategically placed throughout the plant, giving them instant access to standard work instructions, trouble-shooting solutions, and equipment KPIs.  They will also be able to post production updates and send out calls for assistance in the form of text, photos or videos to communicate with one another in real-time to help resolve issues and identify improvements directly from their daily routines.


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