J.D. Power and Uptake Developing Analytics Products for Automotive Industry

Author photo: Michael Guilfoyle
ByMichael Guilfoyle
Acquisition or Partnership

J.D. Power has signed an agreement with Uptake Technologies, an industrial AI and IoT software provider, to develop new analytics products for the automotive industry, as well as for the utilities and telecommunications sector.

The alliance between J.D. Power and Uptake will allow original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and operators in these three industries to gain actionable intelligence from millions of newly connected devices, including manufacturing plants, vehicles, smart meters and network devices.  Leveraging J.D. Power’s research and industry expertise along with Uptake’s industry-specific insights and industrial IoT platform, J.D. Power and Uptake will provide independent industry benchmark studies, data and analytics products, and customized advisory services.

The collaboration will also include smart home and connected real estate insight for utilities and power generation firms, as well as connected device efficacy insight and optimization benchmark surveys for mobile network operators.

Included in the alliance is the use of Uptake’s Industrial AI and Machine Learning Platform, which leverages data science to turn large amounts of untapped IoT data across enterprises into actionable insight.  For vehicle OEMs and drivers, this reportedly creates even higher levels of manufacturing quality, vehicle efficiency, dealer service and customer experience.  Using AI and machine learning, Uptake’s technology enriches raw data to generate actionable recommendations, enabling users to quickly make intelligent business decisions that are linked to financial outcomes.




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