Key Digital Transformation IT Concepts for Operations People

By Michael Guilfoyle

ARC Report Abstract


Many industrial companies have shifted from exploring the benefits of digital transformation to determining how to execute on its promise.  For operations personnel, this means implementing things like remote monitoring, connected and optimized plants, digital procedures, predictive asset failure detection, or outcome-based services, as examples.

digital transformation mgdigitalT.pngDoing so requires converging modern information technology (IT) concepts and software with operational technology (OT) and processes.  For operations and lines-of-business (LOBs), successful convergence first begins with understanding key digital transformation IT concepts and how they will impact operations.

This IT/OT convergence means more operations and LOBs are being asked to process ideas and make decisions outside their normal areas of expertise. In one example, it might be asking them to understand and implement complex solutions using analytics and machine learning, including very advanced math concepts. Or, it could mean pushing them to rely on micro-service software architecture to create, deploy, and scale applications to solve operational challenges and foresee the impact these technologies will have on operations.

Key Digital Transformation IT Concepts

As IT/OT convergence has rapidly escalated, particularly via a growing number of pilot projects over the last eighteen months, a few digital transformation related IT terms consistently pop up in conversations about operational optimization of processes and assets. It would be helpful for operations people to be aware of and understand these terms.  

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