Learn how Your City Can Combat COVID with Tech at ARC Smart City Forum

By Larry O'Brien

Technology Trends

The ARC Smart City Forum starts in two weeks on Feb 16.  You can register for the Forum here and view the main landing page for the forum here.  Our program covers everything from smart city platforms to renewable energy, electric vehicles, and cybersecurity, but no other topic has affected cities more in the past year than COVID-19.  Our opening session on Feb. 16 at 10 AM EST zeroes in on how emerging technologies like digital twins and smart city platform-based workplace resilience solutions can help protect citizens and workers.  

ARC Smart City Forum

COVID-19 is accelerating digital transformation for cities and infrastructure.  Many end-users in smart cities and communities see this next wave of technology as a key enabler for a better response to COVID-19 and a path to long-term resilience.  In this session, we will discuss the role that digital transformation plays in addressing issues like remote workforce challenges, data management, cybersecurity, project implementation, and various smart city application areas. 

A Holistic View of Data is Required

The day-to-day landscape of cities around the world is changing rapidly due to COVID-19.  Here are some examples of how things have changed, what kinds of data are being generated because of these changes, and how we can use that data to drive some positive results during the pandemic.  As we have discussed in previous blog posts and reports, smart city platforms provide the solution for managing data from a variety of sources in city operating systems in a single environment, with common visualization, and a common way to turn that data into useful information to make informed decisions.  

The abundance of data provided by IoT-enabled systems across cities today is also making it easier to developed highly sophisticated digital twins of city infrastructure.  These detailed virtual models can also be used to combat COVID-19.  Join us at 10 AM ET on February 16 and find out more.  

Speakers and panelists include:

Namrata Somani of TCS is Branch Head for TCS Ahmedabad in India.  Namrata is responsible for TCS’s operations in Gujarat.  TCS is the largest IT service provider in Gujarat.  She is also a Program Director for Procurement 4.0, an initiative under TCS CIO to transform the procurement technologies utilized in TCS.  In her 26 years of professional experience, she has been instrumental in making her customers successful by unleashing the value of IT for their business.  Her career experience covers working with clients in several industries including NBFCs, banking, process manufacturing, pharmaceutical, energy, resources, utilities, ports, and NGOs.  Her pioneering work for customers in Gujarat and India has been showcased at international forums and she has presented papers at national and international levels.  She has collaborated with several industry units within TCS, to develop and launch new solutions.  Besides delivering transformational IT programs for her customers, she has additionally managed several roles in quality and business excellence.  Besides her long association with TCS, she was also Vice-President & CIO for a large pharma company and was the youngest women leader in the company.

Jarmo Suomisto of City of Helsinki, Finland is Project Manager for the 3D+ project in Helsinki.  Jarmo is responsible for creating, maintaining, and delivering virtual models over the whole city.  3D+ also integrates new technology and workflows to processes and city services.  3D+ is 2020 and 2016 Year in Infrastructure Award Winner and 2019 London Tech Fest Main Award Winner.  Jarmo has over 25 years of experience with 3D and GIS in building design and city planning.  He has practical understanding of the great potential in 3D.

Brian Lane is President and CEO at the Center for Health Affairs and its business affiliates CHAMPS Group Purchasing and CHAMPS Oncology.  Having joined the organization in 2019, Lane brings with him more than 20 years of experience, specializing in administration, senior management, executing product roll-out campaigns, business development, and sales.  He has held strategic executive positions for leading technology companies, Fortune 500 companies, Big 5 consulting practices, clinical practices, medical communication firms, and associations.  His early career includes time with Rush University Medical Center as well as Ernst and Young, after which he joined Qwest Communications to run their Midwest healthcare practice.  He also spent seven years at the American Hospital Association, where he served as vice president of strategic alliances, market development and technology, and held leadership roles in leading technology-oriented organizations.  Most recently Lane served at Oracle as the key account director for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), one of the organization’s top revenue-producing and market-leading accounts.

Panelists include:

Ton De Vries is Senior Director of Business Development for Digital Cities at Bentley Systems.  Ton has more than 25 years of experience in the utility and government solution business.  During his 13 years with Bentley, he has been responsible for Bentley utility and government success in the Netherlands, Germany, and Eastern Europe as sales director for these regions.  Upon his relocation to Exton, Pennsylvania in 2008, he has led Bentley’s 3D City initiative as a solution executive for government.  More recently, Ton was responsible for the global water and wastewater modeling sales team and business development for utilities, in close coordination with Siemens Energy Management.  In his current role as Senior Director Business Development for Digital Cities, Ton is responsible for Bentley’s go-to-market strategy for Digital Cities. 

Robert Hylton is COO of Transpara.  Robert is a technology industry entrepreneur and executive with over 25 years of experience in the software industry. Transpara is the 3rd company with the same management team, including one that was sold to Rockwell and the other to OSIsoft. Additionally, Robert spent 10 years at Microsoft leading global product, marketing, and sales teams. At Transpara, he is responsible for all sales, marketing, and commercial activities in addition to his active role in the user experience design of the software.



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