Litmus Automation Releases LoopEdge 2.0 Edge Computing Platform

By Chantal Polsonetti

Company and Product News

Litmus Automation, an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform provider, announced the release of LoopEdge 2.0, an edge computing platform designed to connect industrial assets and derive value with analytics.  The second major release of the platform adds increased integration and analytics capabilities.

New features of LoopEdge 2.0 include:

  • An analytics database for seamless data and event processing at the Edge
  • Integration with leading IoT Clouds (Azure, AWS, Google IoT Core, etc.)
  • Integration with big data platforms, enterprise software, and cloud or on-site databases
  • Advanced marketplace for running artificial intelligence and machine learning applications at the Edge
  • Increased device management functionality for real-time monitoring and management
  • Refreshed user interface suited for operational technology, data science, or IT requirements
  • A full OPC-UA server at no cost


LoopEdge is designed to manage the complete edge lifecycle from secure edge device onboarding to device management to cloud connectivity.  LoopEdge lets users collect data from existing industrial systems, like PLC, DCS, sensors, or historians, and run applications locally on top of the data, such as event processing, Lambda functions, machine learning models, and more – all in an offline first deployment.

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