Litmus and Sunlight Partner to Simplify How Companies Deploy Industrial IoT at Scale

Author photo: Chantal Polsonetti
By Chantal Polsonetti
Acquisition or Partnership, an edge infrastructure company, and, an edge data platform for Industry 4.0, announced their partnership to simplify how companies deploy Industrial IoT at scale. The Sunlight Hyperconverged Edge is a secure, zero-Industrial IoT at Scaletouch, economic infrastructure that helps turn critical edge data into real-time insights and actions for manufacturing, energy, and retail organizations. Sunlight‘s Hyperconverged Edge platform is based on the Sunlight NexVisor Hypervisor. This is a Type 1 Hypervisor built from the ground-up to support today’s high performance hardware technologies with almost zero overhead.

Litmus Edge unifies data collection, data analytics, application enablement and data integration in a complete Edge Data Platform purpose-built for Industry 4.0. With instant connectivity to hundreds of OT assets, Litmus Edge makes it easy to harness the OT data needed to power insights at the edge and across the enterprise.

Leading hyperconverged infrastructure products in the market were built for the data center – where space, cooling and power resources are plenty. But this is not the case in industrial factory environments at the edge. Litmus’ partnership with Sunlight is designed to meet the needs of the Industrial IoT market with a platform that enables use cases like condition-based monitoring, predictive maintenance, OEE improvement, machine learning and AI, at scale.

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