L&T Technology Services and Microsoft to Offer Eco-friendly Solutions for Workplace Transformation

By Ralph Rio

Company and Product News

L&T Technology Services Limited (LTTS) announced that it has expanded its collaboration with Microsoft Corporation and launched its latest and enhanced version of the i-BEMS solution on Microsoft Azure to help transform buildings into future-ready smart campuses.

LTTS’ Intelligent Building Experience Management System i-BEMS is a system-of-systems solution that focuses on creating digital experiences and intelligent space management.  The cloud-based smart buildings/campus/spaces solution helps monitor and manage building operations and optimize business metrics leveraging advanced IoT based Edge Analytics and machine learning algorithms. 

 i-BEMS uses advanced energy analytics and fault diagnostics for energy savings, and netzero energy compliance.  i-BEMS has enterprise-grade security features and can create a digital twin to test changes in a virtual build of the building.

The current expanded collaboration leverages Azure to enable i-BEMS to act as a Facility Information Broker, unifying data from all systems making the building/campus a single entity rather than a heterogeneous collection of systems focused on employee health and safety and preservation of the immediate environment.


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