LTTS Streamlines Processes for Virtual Shift Handover

By Sharada Prahladrao

Project Success Story

Factories have transitioned from the traditional structure of operating in silos to the connected factory.  “Connected” covers the gamut from technologies, processes, and people, and it is about integrating and streamlining the entire process from receiving the orders, to execution, to virtual shift handover, and final delivery.  It enables operational transparency and data that is accessible and available for analysis.  Utilizing the constant stream of real-time data to make informed decisions, organizations can achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity.  

L&T Technology Services Limited (LTTS), provides connected/smart manufacturing services that can facilitate a real-time view of plant operations along with timely insights required for leaner, faster processes and leading to quicker decision making.

Client’s Business Requirement: A global biotech company, headquartered in Europe, wanted to adopt to the new normal by implementing a virtual shift handover.  The shift handover represents a very vulnerable point in plant operations, because it involves written and verbal communication.  Before COVID-19, the shift handover was done face to face, but all that had to change as adherence to social distancing norms became mandatory. 

The Operational Challenges: Different steps for shift handover were followed across multiple plants, and there were diverse sets of reviews and approval mechanisms for various tasks.  All these had to be considered and a common convergence ground had to be arrived at to create remotely operated workflow processes.  After evaluating various solutions, the client selected LTTS.

Solution Deployment: The core team aligned the key processes involved in the shift handover.  Proven architecture comprising of scalable, platform-based cloud was deployed.  This solution optimized the number of forms and streamlined the data storage and archival mechanisms.  It ensured 100 percent remote deployment and included operator training.  The process can include any number of operators, and the supervisor can also participate and approve.

Business Benefits:  The customer was satisfied with LTTS’ solution because of the following:

  • Paperless operations
  • Adherence to social distancing norms
  • Smooth operations with single source of truth for effective virtual shift handover

This solution can be customized and replicated across industries.

Keywords: LTTS, Virtual Shift Handover, Connected Factory, ARC Advisory Group.


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