Major Upgrade of Edge Xpert Announced by IOTech

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ByChantal Polsonetti
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IOTech announced the availability of Edge Xpert 2.1. The release marks the first general availability version supporting major architectural improvements developed by the Linux Foundation’s EdgeX Foundry community.  IOTech is a contributing member of this vendor-neutral open-source edge IoT platform Edge Xpertcommunity.

Version 2 of the EdgeX Foundry open-source computing platform, upon which IOTech’s Edge Xpert is based, has a completely redesigned architecture for communications between microservices at the edge. The brand-new APIs and new internal message bus enable a faster, lighter, and better performing platform.

Edge Xpert combines commercial support for the new EdgeX Foundry technology with key added value features for commercial deployments, making it suitable for use in large industrial systems. Edge Xpert is currently deployed in numerous industrial IoT solutions across vertical markets, including manufacturing, transportation, building automation and smart venue management.

Features delivered within Edge Xpert include a large array of industrial-grade device connectors for PLCs, industrial sensors and wireless technologies that make collecting data from edge devices straightforward. Once collected, Edge Xpert users can perform edge analytics, AI and computer vision operations on the data. Users can configure the existing services or plug in their own. Openness and ease of integration are key capabilities of the platform.

Edge Xpert also enables bi-directional cloud data streaming with out-of-the-box connectivity to the major cloud vendors and open SDKs for creating further integrations when needed.

Version 2.1 also marks the first availability of IOTech’s new user interface for conveniently managing Edge Xpert instances. Redesigned from the ground up to support the new APIs, the web-based user interface provides new capabilities for administering and monitoring the platform.

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