Meet Zeigo, Schneider Electric’s Suite of SaaS Sustainability Solutions to Drive Decarbonization

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By Craig Resnick
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Schneider Electric announced the launch of Zeigo, a sustainability solution ecosystem built to help simplify and accelerate climate action for companies of various sizes. Zeigo helps to complement Schneider Electric’s Sustainability Solutionexisting sustainability consulting services and enhance a growing portfolio of digital solutions.

Zeigo will bring existing Schneider Electric digital tools for sustainability together with a new software-as-a-service (SaaS) application, Zeigo Activate, designed to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) decarbonize. The new application, developed by Schneider Electric’s sustainability experts, will provide solutions to the market that deliver easier emissions calculations paired with a customized decarbonization roadmap and a regionally tailored solutions provider marketplace. 

Sustainability simplified with the Zeigo ecosystem

Zeigo Activate will help SMEs to measure their emissions baseline, set reduction goals, and accelerate decarbonization efforts by providing the tools and knowledge needed to move more swiftly from goals to action.

Zeigo Activate joins two existing Schneider Electric digital solutions rebranded under the Zeigo name that are designed to help meet the carbon reduction needs of organizations of various sizes.

  • Formerly known as Zeigo, Zeigo Power allows users throughout Europe to digitally tender renewable energy Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), making clean energy procurement more accessible and less of an effort.  
  • Formerly known as NEO Network, Zeigo Network connects like-minded companies on the journey to decarbonization and has over 600 global corporate members today. The software platform provides access to educational resources, community connections, and an extensive solutions provider marketplace for energy transition.  

 Clients to benefit from a single Zeigo ecosystem

Zeigo is designed to help accelerate a company's sustainability efforts ranging from large organizations with clear climate goals to SMEs that are just getting started. Organizations of various sizes can use Zeigo tools to help more effectively tackle their climate challenges, including:

  • Reducing energy consumption and emissions
  • Access to energy market intelligence and education
  • Connection to regional solution providers in renewables, energy efficiency, and carbon offsets to help drive action

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