MESA Announces Version 7 Release of B2MML-BatchML Specifications

By Chantal Polsonetti

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MESA International announces the release of Version 7 of the B2MML and BatchML specifications.  B2MML (Business to Manufacturing Markup Language) and BatchML (Batch Markup Language) are XML schema definitions that are implementations of the ISA-95 Enterprise/Control System Standard.  The BatchML schemas were integrated into the B2MML namespace several versions ago, therefore the downloads and documentation of B2MML also includes BatchML files.

This release supports the 2018/19 versions of the ISA-95 and IEC 62264 specifications.  Version 7 adds important new elements to B2MML including spatial locations, material and other resource testing information, standardized error message handling, and work calendars.  This version also includes the first B2MML-JSON schema definition, supporting transfers of JSON files in addition to XML files.

Companies interested in following ISA-95 for integration projects may use B2MML to integrate business systems, such as ERP and supply chain management systems, with manufacturing systems, such as control systems and manufacturing execution systems.  B2MML is a complete implementation of ISA-95.  Any company may use B2MML royalty free provided credit is given to MESA.  

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