Microsoft and Rackspace Form Cloud Alliance to Help Companies Start Using Azure

By Craig Resnick

Acquisition or Partnership

Microsoft Corp. and data center services company Rackspace Hosting Inc. are partnering regarding the use of Microsoft's Azure cloud computing service.   Under the alliance, Rackspace will provide assistance for companies to use Azure and guide them on how to best optimize its processing, data storage, databases, and other services. Rackspace will help companies to solve service or security problems and assist with combining Azure to each company's own computing facilities.

The pact is aimed, in part, at addressing the tangle of technology headaches many businesses encounter as they shift from on-premises computing to cloud services. Such issues are among the biggest barriers holding back companies from using shared processing and storage over the Internet.

The deal adds to a list of strategic alliances forged by Microsoft that help to make it easier for companies to use Microsoft services.

The alliance also is a big step for Rackspace, which has been forced to revamp its business strategy to avoid competing directly with cloud services offered by major providers, such as Microsoft and Amazon.

Customers that use the Rackspace-Azure service can pay for Azure computing plus Rackspace support in a single bill from Rackspace, or they can opt to pay separately for Azure and Rackspace services.


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