Microsoft Announcing General Availability of Azure Data Manager for Energy

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By Gaven Simon
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Microsoft announces the general availability of Azure Data Manager for Energy. Designed to help energy companies accelerate digital innovation, Azure Data Manager for Energy is an open, fully-managed OSDU Data Platform service powered by the Microsoft Cloud. The offering integrates with almost any dataset and source, enables management of compute-intensive workloads at global Azure Data Manager for Energyscale, and quickly ingests data for analytics and decision-making.  Azure Data Manager for Energy is developed in alignment with the requirements of the OSDU Technical Standard for open-source innovation. 

Built to meet the needs of global energy customers, Azure Data Manager for Energy is available in multiple Azure regions and expanding quickly to full, global availability.

Azure Data Manager for Energy comes in two tiers—a standard tier to run high-scale, performance-driven production workloads, and a developer tier designed for partners and end users looking for more flexibility and speed in building new applications. Partners and customers can start with the developer tier to evaluate and plan implementation, accelerate application development, and test OSDU Data Platform applications. When ready to transform their operational environment, energy operators can use the standard tier to take advantage of enterprise grade, service level agreement (SLA)-backed performance for optimizing seismic, wellbore, and reservoir workflows. 

With Azure Data Manager for Energy, customers can speed toward goals by taking advantage of easy interoperability across an extensible application ecosystem. They can integrate virtually any dataset, application, or cloud service while leveraging the subsurface tools they already work with from SLB, Halliburton, and many others. To deploy OSDU Data Platform applications faster with fewer resources, energy companies can also work with their choice of systems integrators to help prepare and ingest data into Azure Data Manager for Energy.

Collaboration will also enable and accelerate the transition to a net-zero economy. Built in partnership with SLB, a global technology company driving energy innovation, Azure Data Manager for Energy combines extensive domain expertise from SLB with Microsoft innovations in cloud technologies and AI.

Out-of-the-box compatibility with SLB technologies for subsurface reservoir and CO2 storage assessment will accelerate time-to-market. With the same tools that energy companies use for subsurface interpretation and modeling, customers can run workflows for CO2 storage site assessment and monitoring. SLB CO2 subsurface workflows work with Azure Data Manager for Energy to enable CO2 storage capacity assessment and long-term storage integrity evaluation. Capabilities include:

  • Rapid site selection: Quickly and confidently analyze geological and environmental data to identify and screen suitable storage sites and assess storage capacity.

  • Model and simulate CO2 storage scenarios: Improve decision-making and risk mitigation strategies by simulating multiple CO2 injection and migration scenarios. Assess storage integrity, containment risk and injection performance for long term, safe CO2 storage.

  • Reduce capital and operational costs: Identify potential inefficiencies in the design phase to optimize operational safety and enable continuous operations. Build a cost-effective monitoring plan based on detailed technical assessments of storage site performance. With these capabilities, developers, data managers, and technical specialists, including geoscientists, can quickly innovate to drive the energy transition.


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