Microsoft Azure Digital Twins Now Generally Available

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Azure Digital Twins is a solution intended to break down silos within intelligent environments by fusing data from previously disparate devices and business systems.  It means users can track both past and present events, simulate possibilities, and help predict future events for those environments.

With Azure Digital Twins now generally available, it offers ready-to-use building blocks that can simplify the creation of detailed, comprehensive digital models that bring solutions to life.  This enterprise-grade platform brings the scale, reliability, security, and broad market availability that enables customers to build production-ready solutions.

Azure Digital Twins Platform Capabilities

The Azure Digital Twins platform was built to simplify and accelerate the creation of IoT connected solutions.  With a comprehensive set of capabilities, companies can develop customized, connected solutions with ease.  And with the ability to layer vertical domain specialization—such as 3D or 4D visualizations, physics-based simulation, and AI—on top of Azure Digital Twins, it’s easier to focus on driving results for customers.

This also includes new developer experiences with broad language support for SDKs, Digital Twins Definition Language (DTDL) modeling and validation tools, and the Azure Digital Twins explorer sample which helps visualize the graph representing the user environment.  Other capabilities at the core of the Azure Digital Twins platform allow users to:

  • Use an open modeling language, DTDL, to easily create custom models of intelligent environments.  In addition, premade models and converter tools for vertical standards help accelerate development when getting started with use cases across industries.
  • Bring digital twins to life with a live execution environment that is scalable and secure and uses data from IoT and other sources.  Using an event system, users can build dynamic business logic that helps keep business apps fresh and always up to date.  Users can also extract insights in the context of the modeled world by querying data on a wide range of conditions and relationships.
  • Break down silos using input from IoT and business systems by connecting assets, such as IoT and Azure IoT Edge devices, via Azure IoT Hub, as well as existing business systems, such as ERP and CRM, to Azure Digital Twins to extract relevant insights across the entire environment.
  • Output to storage and analytics by integrating Azure Digital Twins with other Azure services.  This includes the ability to send data to Azure Data Lake for long-term storage or to data analytics services, such as Azure Synapse Analytics, to apply machine learning.  Another important use case is time series data integration and historian analytics with Azure Time Series Insights.

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