Microsoft and SAP Extend Partnership to Internet of Things

By Ralph Rio

Acquisition or Partnership

Microsoft and SAP announced they are extending their partnership to IoT.  SAP Leonardo IoT will integrate with Azure IoT services providing customers with the ability to contextualize and enrich their IoT data with SAP business data within SAP Leonardo IoT to drive new business outcomes.

SAP and Microsoft are expanding their partnership to physical devices and assets with a new collaboration in the IoT space.  As part of this partnership, SAP Leonardo IoT will leverage services from Azure IoT, including Azure IoT Hub and Azure IoT Edge, to provide access to secure connectivity at scale, powerful device management functionality, and industry-leading edge computing support.

By harnessing the power of Microsoft Azure IoT and SAP Leonardo IoT, the two companies will provide customers with the ability to intelligently combine business data to provide industrial IoT capabilities and services to be consumed by SAP business applications.  This provides the joint customers with a complete view on their data from physical assets to business processes to customer relationships and offers a full digital feedback loop.

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