Mindsphere Ready for Digitalization in Manufacturing

By Florian Güldner

Industry Trends

Digitalization in manufacturing is really getting ready for take-off.  These last months we heard from more and more companies about new products that will enable the digitalization of the plant floor.  But it’s not just about new products, the sales are also increasing.  Siemens has reported a +20 percent increase in Mindsphere sales in the FY 2017.  

Mindsphere partners

What is remarkable regarding Mindsphere is the development of partners over the last year, starting with Hanover show 2017, this number has increased drastically.  Just recently a User Group (called Mindsphere World) was founded including 19 companies such as Festo, Eisenmann, Trumpf, Kuka, Heller, Rittal, Sick, Grob, and many others besides Siemens.  Some of the participants have already developed their own cloud platform and are now also pushing Mindsphere.  This expands the list of partners by the who-is-who of German OEMs.  Before this it was more focused on IT, software, and consulting companies, such as Atos, IBM, SAP, Intel, Accenture, Microsoft, Tata, and others.


Apps for cloud-based Services

Besides increasing the Mindsphere partner network and eco-system, Siemens has introduced new apps for cloud-based services in automation.  (for a list of current apps, please see here).  The Apps focus on machine monitoring and include the Simatic MindApps Machine Monitor, Notifier and Performance Monitor.  These apps will enable users to take advantage of cloud-based services and generate added value.  The Simatic MindApps read out relevant data for analysis purposes, for example, from production machines or systems, then process them to create meaningful information, to display them on dashboards, or use them for intelligent alerting and messaging.

The new Simatic Machine Monitor MindApp creates transparency regarding the status or performance of machines and enables services to be optimized.  For this purpose, the Machine Monitor checks the operational and maintenance status of machines regarding their productivity, servicing and availability.

With the Simatic Notifier MindApp, users can visualize messages, for instance, when the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) of a monitored machine are undershot, users can access alarm data from any location.  The app enables messages from different systems and sources, to be collated in a central location worldwide.  This is a critical feature in times of scarcer engineering resources. The Simatic Performance Monitor MindApp calculates and visualizes machine and system KPIs, in order to guide users in their decision making.

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