Mitsubishi Electric and Commsignia to Partner for Delivery of Advanced V2X Solutions for Vehicles

Author photo: Shin Kai
By Shin Kai
Acquisition or Partnership

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and Commsignia Ltd. announced that they have agreed to form a strategic partnership to deliver Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) technology combining Commsignia's V2X solution and Mitsubishi V2X Solutions for VehiclesElectric's High-Definition Locator (HDL) technology in a V2X platform that will support the safety of autonomous-driving and advanced-driver-assistance systems (ADAS).

V2X is a key communication technology that is gaining growing acceptance in many countries where governments are considering allowing the installation and commercial use of V2X systems in automobiles. Through their new partnership, Commsignia and Mitsubishi Electric will aim at the early delivery of commercial V2X solutions capable of contributing to increasingly safe assisted and autonomous-driving solutions.

Commsignia's V2X solution, which integrates communication software with security functions and application software, features an optimized software structure that ensures scalability for next-generation vehicles. Mitsubishi Electric is already mass-producing HDL systems that accurately determine vehicle locations based on proprietary high-precision positioning and mapping data for roads, lanes, and other physical conditions in the vicinity of moving vehicles.

The combination of Commsignia's V2X solution with Mitsubishi Electric's HDL information is expected to realize systems capable of accurately detecting dynamic conditions in vehicle perimeters and greatly improving the accuracy of warnings of potential collisions. For example, even on sharp curves where vehicles ahead cannot be detected visually or by on-board sensors, the envisioned solution will use the precise positions of a driver's vehicle and other nearby vehicles to confirm their respective lanes and accurately identify any risk of collision. In particular, the solution is expected to help reduce the incidence of false alarms and provide more timely valid warnings that give drivers additional time to react.

The two partners will also develop a separate solution, called Day2, that would enable nearby vehicles to share data from their on-board sensor (cameras, etc.), and another solution, called Day3, that would facilitate cooperative control between nearby vehicles, both aimed at realizing increasingly advanced V2X safety features.

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