Moving to the Live Enterprise

By Ralph Rio



As ARC Advisory Group learned at the recent Confluence Americas 2019 thought leadership event in Scottsdale, Arizona, Infosys designed its new “Live Enterprise” set of platforms, solutions and digital services to help enterprises accelerate their digital innovation journey.  This reflects the need of today’s organizations to adapt intuitively to the shifting business environment; with frequent, quick-paced changes - just as living creatures do to the natural environment.  Automation, data, and algorithms can come together to enable an evolving organization.  This new theme was on full display during the event. 

Salil Parekh on Digital Business Growth

Live EnterpriseSalil Parekh, CEO and Managing Director, Infosys, sets and evolves the strategic direction for the company and gave a keynote address.  He stated, "Last quarter, annual growth of the business was 12 percent and our Digital business grew 40 percent."  This digital transformation is occurring both internally within Infosys and externally among its clients.  ARC saw many specific examples of digital implementations for both areas during the conference.  Mr. Parekh added, “Cloud, data and analytics are revolutionizing our clients' business processes and improving performance."

Ravi Kumar S. on Digital Enterprise

Ravi Kumar S., President and Deputy Chief Operating Officer, gave the welcome address (he was daring enough to speak while wearing a VR headset).  Mr. Kumar said, "Augmenting and strengthening enterprise applications is a key strategy for improving client's business processes."  Currently, this provides the biggest growth opportunity for Infosys by converting clients’ onsite enterprise applications to the cloud.  During this transition, business processes are re-examined and improved.  He added, "Digital now provides over $1 billion in revenue per quarter.”

Insights from Infosys Confluence

The event featured presentations, break-out sessions, and a technology exhibit area.  Some key aspects observed by ARC include:

  • Changing CIO role: During a CIO panel discussion, members responded to a question by ARC about their primary KPIs.  Each gave their version of how the role of the CIO has changed from just managing IT for cost control and expanded to include applying IT for competitive advantage.  The CIO must be involved in developing and executing both business strategy and the customer experience.
  • Inspirational speakers:  Two guest speakers gave inspiring talks. First was Admiral William H. McRaven, USN (Ret.) who went from being a Navy Seal recruit to leading the organization.  His message: “Despite the rough experiences, don’t quit.”  Success comes with perseverance.  Another was by the boxing legend "Sugar" Ray Leonard who won an Olympic gold medal and world titles in five weight classes during his career.  He talked about the mental training he used to win – in a word, determination.  Both provide good advice for navigating the digital enterprise.


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