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As the global AI market continues its rapid expansion across various industries, Eurotech has introduced its latest Edge AI systems, the ReliaCOR 31-11 and ReliaCOR 33-11. Designed to address the pressing challenges of AI adoption and cybersecurity, the devices are intended to simplify the development and deployment of AI at the Edge.

Edge AI Systems

Organizations across various sectors still struggle to transition AI projects from pilot to production phases, experiencing months-long delays and high failure rates.  The ReliaCOR 31-11 and 33-11 Edge AI systems are intended to make this transition seamless by enabling validation, deployment at scale, and lifecycle management of multiple AI models simultaneously, capabilities essential for enhancing operational efficiencies and accelerating time-to-market.

Cybersecurity is a crucial focus, with national and international regulators increasingly imposing stringent standards on critical infrastructures. The ReliaCOR devices are secure-by-design and, at release, certified according to ISA Secure / IEC 62443-4-1/-4-2. These certifications ensure that the devices and the pre-installed software meet rigorous security requirements, providing peace of mind for organizations concerned with data protection and regulatory compliance.

The ReliaCOR 31-11 is powered by NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX with up to 16GB RAM, capable of delivering up to 100 TOPS of AI compute in a fanless compact design. The availability of 4x GbE ports, with optional Power over Ethernet (PoE), simplifies cabling for multi-camera connections, making it useful in intensive applications such as automatic product sorting and anomaly detection.

The ReliaCOR 33-11 elevates these capabilities with NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin, offering up to 64GB RAM and reaching 275 TOPS of AI compute in a fanless configuration. Certified with E-mark for automotive use, it supports multiple high-speed camera connections for up to 4x PoE cameras and up to 8x LAN cameras, eliminating the need and cost for a dedicated Ethernet switch.

Certified wireless and cellular connectivity is another feature of the ReliaCOR 31-11 and ReliaCOR 33-11. Both devices offer optional integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular connections. This ensures that the hardware can be deployed in a variety of settings, from remote locations requiring cellular connectivity, to factory floors where Wi-Fi/BT is prevalent.

Eurotech's Edge Software Framework (ESF) now integrates NVIDIA Triton Inference Server, an open-source AI inference server that allows developers to deploy and execute AI models developed with the most popular AI frameworks, enabling them to run and optimize performance in a hardware-agnostic environment.

Eurotech also introduces its Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP) and Cybersecurity Wizard which deliver a smartphone-like experience for AIoT deployments. These features work in conjunction with ESF and Everyware Cloud (EC), Eurotech's device management solution, to simplify and reduce the time associated with traditionally complex secure cloud connection processes and setup.

All these new capabilities come bundled in Everyware GreenEdge, Eurotech's comprehensive edge-to-cloud framework, which optionally offers pre-loaded edge runtimes and cloud services, such as AWS IoT GreenGrass or AWS IoT Core. When purchased through AWS Marketplace, Everyware GreenEdge enables simplified service integration, management, and billing for users.

The ReliaCOR31-11 and ReliaCOR 33-11 will be available for early access in June 2024, and ready for mass production later this year.

Further information on Digital Transformation at the Industrial IoT Edge, including analyses of both edge hardware and software markets, is available here.  ARC also has extensive coverage of Industrial AI's Role in Digital Transformation of Manufacturing Industries

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