New Industrial DataOps Solutions Launched by Belden

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Belden Inc., a leading global supplier of network infrastructure and digitization solutions, announced the launch of its new Belden Horizon Data Operations (BHDO) and Belden Horizon Data Manager (BHDM) industrial data operations Industrial DataOps Solutionssolutions. As the adoption of the industrial internet of things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 advances, the volume of data available from connected operational technology (OT) devices grows, providing opportunities for enterprises to use data to improve business decision-making. The new additions to the Belden Horizon software-based services suite work in concert to meet these expanding requirements by empowering industrial organizations to address data complexity through secure and managed data access, analytics, and integration.

BHDO and BHDM enable industrial organizations to extract actionable insights from OT assets in a more efficient and secure manner to reveal areas to streamline production processes, enhance operational efficiency, and improve uptime. BHDO collects and analyzes OT data at the network edge and transmits it to information technology (IT) destinations for further analysis and action, while BHDM manages distributed BHDO deployments.

BHDO and BHDM features include:

  • 250+ supported OT protocols and easy integration into dozens of IT system types.
  • Digital twins and analytics tooling empower users to collect, contextualize and analyze data at the edge.
  • Scalable to support large or remote deployments by using BHDM software to manage many BHDO instances.

BHDO and BHDM edge applications are new additions to the Belden Horizon software-based services suite. The full suite provides a simple, seamless, secure, and reliable way to connect and manage operational systems at the edge while maintaining security and communication with the cloud or on-premises data center. All Belden Horizon offerings are secure, industrial-grade solutions that address the complex requirements of varied industries, including manufacturing, building automation, oil and gas, transportation, energy, and utilities.

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