Nokia Talks Smart City Platforms in Our Latest Podcast

Author photo: Larry O'Brien
ByLarry O'Brien
Technology Trends

Obtaining the Value of Smart City Platforms Goes Beyond Just Technology

In this last episode of the year, we go out on a high note with a great discussion on the value of smart city platforms with Nokia -- a formidable smart city platform provider with its Integrated Operations Center.  This discussion includes Arnaud Legrand, who leads Nokia's public sector marketing efforts, and Danial Mausoof, global head of enterprise sales.  We discuss a range of topics, from how to build a good use case for the deployment of smart city platforms to how to obtaining funding for projects.  In many cases, smart city platform projects don't successfully expand from the pilot projects where they were initially installed.  We also discuss how to break these silos and achieve the true benefit of a smart city platform, which is to provide a common environment for visualizing and managing data from multiple systems functioning across city operational domains.  We also talk about the looming impact of 5G on smart city platforms.  

Nokia Integrated Operations Center



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