Nozomi Networks Introduces Solutions Built into Cisco Catalyst 9300 Series Switches

By Larry O'Brien

Company and Product News

Nozomi Networks is introducing its solution for real-time cybersecurity and OT network visibility on Cisco Catalyst 9300 Series switches.  The Catalyst 9300 Series switches are Cisco’s lead stackable enterprise switching platform for security, IoT, mobility, and cloud.  

This integration comes as a result of being the ongoing-partner-of choice for Cisco’s security business unit.  This introduction is another milestone in Nozomi Networks’ recently-launched container-based delivery model, which was developed in response to customer requests for an easy way to deploy SCADAguardian into the security and IT infrastructure of Nozomi Networks’ partners and minimize architectural and device footprint.

Cisco Catalyst 9300 Series switches with the built-in Nozomi Networks solution provides operators and cyber security teams with a networking and switching platform that includes comprehensive cyber security capabilities.  Nozomi Networks Solution is easily embedded into the Catalyst switch, allowing joint customers to:

  • Automatically and intelligently discover the assets, connections, protocols and topologies of their industrial network environments
  • Identify vulnerabilities and risks in their network
  • Continuously monitor network communications and behavior for cyber security and operational risks
  • Quickly detect threats with real-time alerts that include the information and context needed for rapid, precise response

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