OnGo Alliance Unveils CBRS 2.0

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The OnGo Alliance, an industry consortium for LTE and 5G technology, has announced CBRS 2.0, a major set of enhancements to the CBRS spectrum band that further unlocks its potential with greater performance, reliability, and reduced interference. Since it was authorized for commercial usage by the US Federal Communications Commission in 2020, stakeholders have utilized the spectrum in private network solutions for factories, military installations, airports, universities, and more.

CBRS 2.0

One major improvement in the CBRS 2.0 update includes the drastic reduction in protected zones where CBRS devices are susceptible to disruption from incumbent military activities. The impact is most significant for indoor deployments under 6 meters in elevation where reliability will surge from an estimated 49% to 91%, but this enhancement will affect all CBRS devices. With this change, the geographic area affected by disruptions will shrink to 3% of the country’s total landmass, marking a dramatic increase in the business-critical availability of CBRS.

An operational change will allow CBRS devices away from protected areas to operate for up to 24 hours without reauthorizing with the Spectrum Access System (SAS). This relaxation in transmit reauthorization allows extended uninterrupted service in the event of loss of connectivity to the SAS.

Additionally, a new voluntary coexistence mechanism allows the SAS to enforce frequency planning across CBRS devices when cooperating with General Authorized Access (GAA) operators in dense deployment areas. The new method enhances reliable spectrum access for enterprises and wireless providers using CBRS GAA spectrum, facilitating interference mitigation without overly constraining GAA operations.

The CBRS 2.0 improvements represent a huge leap forward in the viability and reliability of CBRS-based private network deployments. Stakeholders can now deploy these networks with greater confidence, promoting widespread connectivity and unlocking the potential of a wide array of valuable 4G and 5G services. From mobile and fixed networks to private wireless networks, CBRS 2.0 will facilitate business-critical services at an even greater scale.

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