OpenNebula Systems Announces the Availability of ‘Mutara’

By Chantal Polsonetti

Company and Product News

MutaraOpenNebula 6.0 ‘Mutara‘ is now available for download. It is a release that comes with a significant number of new functionalities, which include edge computing features developed in the context of the ONEedge initiative. They are designed to help IT organizations deploy true hybrid and multi-cloud environments that avoid vendor lock-in, reduce operational costs, expand service availability, and enable new ultra-low-latency applications.

‘Mutara’ is the first stable release of the new OpenNebula 6 series. Its main highlights are:

  • A distributed cloud architecture for OpenNebula that is composed of Edge Clusters that can run any workload—both virtual machines and application containers—on any resource—bare metal or virtualized—anywhere—on a cloud provider or on-premises. This hyperconverged edge cloud solution maximizes workload performance and availability, and comes with a native 3-tier storage architecture that simplifies and speeds up the deployment of containers and services across edge locations
  • A fully featured command line interface and a modern, web interface—FireEdge—to easily manage public cloud and edge providers and the seamless provisioning of OpenNebula’s Edge Clusters. Users can quickly expand on-demand OpenNebula cloud with third-party resources, thanks to this point and click interface and create an “Edge as a Service” environment in just a few minutes
  • A first set of templates and drivers to expand OpenNebula cloud using AWS and Equinix Metal resources, creating Edge Clusters based on KVM, LXC and/or Firecracker
  • The new support for Dockerfiles and a revamped Marketplace for VM templates, which now is able to store service templates, which improves user experience in the execution of complex container workflows, multi-tier services and management of CNCF-certified Kubernetes clusters on the edge


This new version comes with a number of additional improvements:

  • There have been a multitude of improvements in Sunstone: revamped VNC dialogs, asynchronous operation warnings, extra information for OneFlow services, NUMA placement for VMware VMs, etc. Additionally, a new FireEdge server is now shipped with OpenNebula, enabling new functionality in Sunstone—OpenNebula’s WebUI: auto refresh for VM and host states, VMRC console access for VMware VMs, Guacamole VNC/SSH and RDP, and more
  • Support for VM Backups, periodically save the data of user VMs in a remote storage location set up as a private marketplace
  • Several OneFlow improvements, mostly related to the life cycle management of OneFlow Services, both in the engine and the GUI
  • Hypervisor driver improvements, like vSphere 7 support and additional VM tuning parameters for KVM. OpenNebula 6.0 also features a new driver for LXC system containers, easing the use of containerized apps across platforms

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