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Larry O'Brien — Industry Trends

ARC Forum Executive Interview with Albert Rooyakkers of Bedrock Automation

At the recent ARC Industry Forum in Orlando, ARC’s Mark Sen Gupta sat down with Bedrock Automation founder and CEO Albert Rooyakkers. Mr. Rooyakkers discusses Bedrock’s approach to cybersecurity by design in industrial automation systems, as well as new products and applications that were first announced at the ARC Forum.
Michael Guilfoyle — Industry Trends

Three Missteps to Avoid When Implementing Digital Transformation Strategy

When developing and implementing digital transformation strategy, false starts and dead-end investments are all too common.  To limit these mistakes, industrial, infrastructure, and smart city organizations need to avoid three key missteps in the digital transformation strategy process.
Ebele Maduekwe — Industry Trends

Detecting Anomalies with Embedded AI Technology

The embedded AI function of Omron’s controller uses machine learning to analyze machine information and detect anomalies to then alert maintenance.
Mark Sen Gupta — Industry Trends

The Future of Basic Process Control Innovation

Basic process control, what we now call level 2 in the Purdue Enterprise Reference Architecture, has been the basis for successful process manufacturing for decades.  Innovations have moved from mechanical, to electrical, and on to computational.  Currently, the process control innovation has moved further up the architecture leaving changes at level 2 being mostly incremental.
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