PAS Global Introduces Solutions to Ensure OT Integrity

By Larry O'Brien

Company and Product News

PAS Global LLC, the OT Integrity company, announced new product releases of Cyber Integrity and PlantState Integrity and introduced a new solution called Decision Integrity.

To address today’s challenges industrial operations must increase focus on cybersecurity while maintaining continuous vigilance on safety.  Stated simply, organizations need to ensure OT integrity in the face of unprecedented opportunity and risk.  PAS has introduced new and updated products to help optimize the integrity of industrial assets and reduce cyber risk, improve process safety and reliability, and ensure OT data health.

PAS Cyber Integrity reportedly prevents, detects, and remediates industrial cyber threats.  Version 6.5 introduces an enhanced user experience for OT asset inventory information and data collection and transfer.  This release also provides support for multiple integration methods (REST API, Syslog, SQL, CSV, SDK), integration with Darktrace, and Microsoft Windows event analytics;

PAS PlantState Integrity (formerly PlantState Suite) reduces process safety risks and optimizes profitability.  Version 8.7 introduces enhancements to Independent Protection Layer (IPL) Assurance that include sensor monitoring and voting, analysis filtering, and process trip reporting.  This release also includes an expanded dashboard widget library and easy-to-use custom Wizard Widget functionality;

PAS Decision Integrity enables trusted data for decision-making.  Version 1.0 leverages digital twins and capabilities from PAS Automation Integrity and PlantState Integrity to provide OT data health monitoring (data chain accuracy and visualization), data lake enrichment (OT configurations, references, and context), and OT edge analytics (for operational and safety risk).

These new product releases are being demonstrated in the PAS booth (#3) at the ARC Forum in Orlando, Florida.  PlantState Integrity 8.7 is available today.  The other releases will be generally available by the end of March.

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