Pioneering A Vision for a Circular Carbon Economy with the Estanium Association

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The Estanium Association is a collaborative initiative that focuses on the future ecosystem of a circular carbon economy. Its Circular Carbon Economymission and activities are centered around the critical need to address global greenhouse gas emissions and the climate-damaging impacts of economic activity.

Collaboration & Cooperation

The association emphasizes cooperation among its members, representing diverse roles in the carbon economy. The collaboration extends to technical working groups, common use cases, and pilot projects, all aimed at sharing experiences and learning.

Key Focus Areas

  • Calculating Carbon Footprints: Estanium focuses on calculating carbon footprints along the supply chain, a vital step in understanding and mitigating environmental impacts.

  • Exchanging and Reducing Emissions: Through decentralized trust technology and self-sovereign data management, the association enables the exchange, reduction, and offsetting of carbon footprints.

  • Lowering Operational Costs: The solutions provided by Estanium are characterized by lower costs for operating infrastructure, maintaining data sovereignty, and enabling fast scale-up.

Notable Projects and News

  • Siemens and BayWa Collaboration: Two members of the Estanium Association, Siemens and BayWa, are driving forward CO2-optimized production, reflecting the association's commitment to practical solutions.

  • CarbonBlock – Project Luna: This project aims to further decarbonize products and strengthen sustainability strategies for environmentally friendly products and a better future.

  • The Carbon Sink Matrix: A stunning initiative that provides insights from the Estanium working groups, contributing to the broader understanding of carbon management.

Working Groups and Domains

The association's work is divided into three technical working groups, focusing on:

  • Technology and Infrastructure

  • Standards and Norms Compatibility

  • Carbon Capture, Use, Storage & Compensation

These groups define the association's vision and approach to creating a sustainable carbon economy.

Summing up:

The Estanium Association is more than just an organization; it's a movement towards a sustainable future. By fostering collaboration, innovation, and practical solutions, it is paving the way for a world where economic activity is directly linked to its environmental impact.

With a clear focus on calculating, exchanging, reducing, and offsetting carbon footprints, the Estanium Association is a collaborative effort fighting against climate change. Its work represents a significant step towards a future where the industry takes responsibility for its part in global emissions and actively works to create a better, more sustainable world.


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