"Predictive Diagnosis Service" Proposal for Air Compressors Launched by Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems

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Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems announced that it has launched the "Predictive Diagnosis Service" for air compressors used, for example, as power sources for factory equipment. The service uses machine learning to analyze data obtained through remote monitoring and combines it with the knowledge accumulated by Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems maintenance staff to detect and help prevent problems and abnormalities that could lead to equipment stoppages and downtime in advance. This service also uses the expertise of maintenance staff to help estimate the effects of factors that reduce operating efficiency and can propose more efficient operations with less environmental impact.

Background of New Service

Proposal for Air Compressors

Since October 2017, Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems has offered FitLive, an equipment monitoring service, which helps to reduce equipment downtime by monitoring the operating status of each product remotely and automatically sending alerts when problems occur. Analysis of FitLive data for air compressors has revealed that temperature-related alarms and malfunctions account for approximately 75% of all alarms and malfunctions. As a result, Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems developed a predictive diagnostic service that uses machine learning to help estimate the future effects of temperature rise trends detected by sensors and take preventive measures against malfunctions.

Features of the Service

This service helps to systematize the decision-making know-how accumulated by Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems' maintenance staff during their maintenance management work and uses it as a basis for decision making. Predictive diagnostics are performed by a combination of machine learning and maintainance staff know-how, and the results and the factors on which the estimation is based are displayed. In the past, maintenance staff made inferences and provided consulting based on the data they had obtained, but this service enables maintenance staff to make more specific and effective proposals by automatically performing predictive diagnosis.

The data can also be used to help identify cases in which the performance of an air compressor tends to deteriorate, such as when the ambient temperature of the air compressor is high, or the filter needs to be cleaned, and propose more efficient operation methods.

Currently, this function is only available for the 22/37kW inverter type oil-injected screw air compressors of the NEXT3 series, but the number of applicable models will be expanded in the future.through the expansion of this service, As a result of this new Predictive Diagnosis Service, Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems will now provide more detailed and faster preventive maintenance services to help minimize air compressor outages, reduce energy consumption, and propose operations that help reduce environmental impact.

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